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Discover the latest deals on a range of Volvo cars, trucks and SUVs at our dealership. Enjoy browsing the large selection of models and trim levels until you find one to suit your tastes. There are always new arrivals, and our inventory rotates frequently. We are proud to be your one-stop location for discovering the best Volvo to drive home.

New Volvos

The new Volvos are always exciting to explore, and we encourage it. You get to discover the most innovative technologies, and examine the latest improvements for comfort and safety. Our inventory of new Volvo models offers something for everyone. This is a great time to find out how a new Volvo can enhance your driving experience. Ask questions to our friendly staff. We are always happy to give detailed answers about the latest upgrades to the Volvo powertrain, interior design, body style and safety technologies.

Used Volvos

There are many benefits to enjoy when buying a used Volvo. There is a large variety of models that will fit into your designated budget, for example. In fact, you can often find a model that comes with the same technologies and features offered in the new version. Many used Volvos are still in excellent condition, and you will discover many amenities and advanced features in the newer models. It is worth mentioning that some of these used vehicles are still covered under the original factory warranty.

Certified Pre-Owned Volvo

The certified pre-owned Volvo offers buyers another option. If the costs of owning a new Volvo are prohibitive, a CPO Volvo can give you an affordable alternative. Used Volvos are lower in price, but the CPO Volvo has the advantage of passing the certification examination. This is a multi-point inspection that covers all the major systems like the engine, brakes, steering and transmission. The rigorous examination ensures buyers that the CPO Volvo is in excellent condition. You also get a vehicle history report, which gives detailed information about any incidents in the Volvo's past. Find the right CPO Volvo when you visit our dealership and browse the inventory.

The Finance Center

Finding the right vehicle for your needs is always a cause for elation. At this point, customers are often eager to drive home in their new, used or CPO Volvo as soon as possible. The team at our Finance Center can make that happen for you. We are experienced in processing paperwork and getting the terms of your loan or lease finalized. If you have questions about the different options for a lease or loan, we can answer them in person. The credit score and other documents you supply will enable us to get a quote from a lender. This score is used to calculate your down payment, monthly payment and interest rates. Ask us about our loan extension options if you need to reduce the monthly costs. The team at our Finance Center is happy to assist you during the closing process.

The Service and Parts Center

The Volvo is engineered to be reliable and long-lasting; however, even the best vehicles require regular maintenance and servicing. Our dealership offers a dedicated Service and Parts Center to enable you to access the highest quality of work from certified Volvo mechanics. We use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to accurately assess the condition of your vehicle. Our trained technicians only install original equipment manufacturer parts, or OEM. These are high-quality parts engineered to fit your model precisely. This preserves the vehicle's integrity and enhances its performance. Our dealership offers a huge selection of vehicles and all the support services you need to drive with confidence, so contact us today.

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